As I mentioned in my last post, I am moving all activity over to  http://sin-thrills.tumblr.com 


If you would like to keep seeing my new posts, please follow (there will be unlimited free tits ass and feet i mean come on). I will be deleting this blog within a few days.


Thank yo


I created this blog as a secondary blog to my tumblr account which was pretty stupid in retrospect.

I want to be able to actually interact with my followers and other blogs, so I’ve created an account just for this. Please follow me there so we can b friendz now :3c

hmu @ sin-thrills.tumblr.com, I’m moving all my posts over.

my ass is too giant for these help

last night

now im hungover

im just going to do nothing today but cry and listen to yndi halda and wank maybe bye

i wore this outside today

an old man said hi to me and a bird flew so close to my head i felt it breeze right over

i’m not having a good booty day today

why cant i just stay in the basement all day dad

*lying naked in bed naked and daydreaming and then my dreamy bliss is shattered because i have to leave the house and wear clothes*

peep dat pu$$y

i went outside and it rained on me

i got a request for a photo of my ass spread to the cam, and i’m too fucking lazy to make one rn because i still haven’t moved from bed to make coffee, but here’s another from the thong set.

Anonymous asked:
You're so beautiful...

i do ok (`・ω・)ノ